Our Services

Autoteks MOT Testing Station

MOT Testing

MOT testing performed to meet DVSA requirements. To maintain road safety it is important to ensure you have a valid MOT.

new tyres

Tyres and Puncture Repairs

We sell all tyre sizes and makes. Our prices are competitive and we ensure tyres are fitted correctly in accordance to fitting criteria.

Vehicle Servicing


We service all makes and models. We provide service book stamp and invoice for your records.

daignostics tools we use at Autoteks


We have the a variety of scanners to ensure we can scan and diagnose most faults.

steering and suspension

Steering and Suspension

Essential repairs are carried out on most common steering and suspension faults. Such as ball joints, springs and linkage arms.



We provide a speedy and efficient in replacing braking components such as pads and discs.