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Our aim when carrying out an MOT is to ensure the process is as quick and painless as possible for our customer. Our staffing levels and efficient orgnisation allows us to achieve this. We run a busy garage and are well equipped to cater for all our customer needs. Should your car fail the MOT Test we more often than not are able to repair your vehicle same day. You will be notified in advance what the repair bill will be upfront, so there is no nasty surprises. Any further questions read our FAQs below or send us a message from our contact from.


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[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-1″ title=”Do I need to book my MOT?”]No booking is required for an MOT. However, should you need an MOT near the end of the month we do advice to book as these periods tend to be very busy.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-1″ title=”How long does it take?”]The average test takes 45 minutes, however please allow up to an hour in case any minor repairs are needed.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-1″ title=”What type of vehicles do you test?”]Cars (class 4) and Vans, Pick-ups or any vehicle within 3 to 3.5 ton weight range (class 7). We do not test three wheeled vehicles, motorbikes or class 5 (mini bus over 13 passenger seats).[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-1″ title=”What is tested?”]The MOT Testing guide for class4 and 7 vehicles can be viewed here[/accordion_item]

[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-1″ title=”What if my car fails?”]Your vehicle can not be legally driven until repairs are carried out. You are allowed 10 working days to get the work done and present your car for a FREE re-test [/accordion_item]

[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-1″ title=”What if disagree with the MOT failure?”]If your vehicle fails and you wish to appeal against the decision you should ask the testing station for a VT17 form. If your appeal is successful the fee or part of it will be returned, but you should not have your vehicle repaired before the appeal is considered as any change may affect the outcome of the appeal. [/accordion_item]

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[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-2″ title=”Do you service all cars?”]We undertake interim and full service of any car make and model.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-2″ title=”What does the interim service include?”]Oil and Oil Filter Replacement, Fluid Levels Check and Top Up.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-2″ title=”What does a full service include?”]Oil and Oil Filter Replacement, Fluid Levels Check and Top Up. Fuel Filter (Diesel). Spark Plugs (Petrol). Air Filter. Essential checks to fluid levels, suspension, body, lights, brakes.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-2″ title=”Are brakes included in the cost of the service?”]Brakes cost and any other items not mentioned in the service list are charged extra. [/accordion_item]

[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-2″ title=”How much is a service?”]Service costs vary according to car make and model and whether it’s petrol or diesel. We always use the correct oil and use the highest quality products. You will be quoted before any work is undertaken so there are no nasty surprises. We are sure any work we undertake for you that you will be pleased with the price and quality.[/accordion_item]

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[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-3″ title=”New and part worn tyres”]We sell new and part worn tyres at very competitive prices. Also we ensure balance is carried out correctly to each wheel. Our tyre fitters are highly trained and always fit tyres according to side wall instructions.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-3″ title=”Vehicle Diagnostics”]We have high end diagnostic equipment and are able to scan the majority of cars and vans. [/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-3″ title=”Winter Check”]For your safety we offer a winter check. See our home page for details.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item parent_id=”faq-3″ title=”Food and Drink”]We have on on-site cafeteria offering hot and cold food and beverages at affordable prices.[/accordion_item]